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Looking for some camper trailer canvas options—or even just some tent spares? Look no further. In this section of our Camper Trailer Supplies store, we’ve got everything you need.

Every camper has different preferences. Some people prefer privacy whilst busying about the kitchen, and others enjoy cooking and eating with nature as their backdrop. For the latter inclined, we have front-wall canvas walls made to order. These will provide protection from the elements as you flip burgers on the grill. For those who prefer partial privacy with a portal to the outdoors, we have windowed variants available. If you love privacy in general, we also have privacy screens, which are ideal when camping with couples. Sometimes, you just need that extra barrier between the sleeping and living quarters!

Other variants of our camper trailer canvas options include our draught skirts and our awnings. As the name suggests, draught skirts are like the draught excluders of camper trailers. They’re attached to the bottom section of a camper trailer to prevent draughts from entering the annexe or awning areas. While we’re on the topic, awnings are those additional coverings providing shade and shelter. Check out our Ezy Awning options for basic protection, or our Deluxe Awning to keep everything (and yourself!) covered.

As well as camper trailer canvas options, we also have the associated odds and ends that hold everything together. We have an assortment of poles, clips, and adjusters to keep your walls, screens, and awnings pointing skyward. Whatever you’re adding to your camper trailer, you’ll be sure to find it in our Camper Trailer Supplies store.


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