100 Things to See in the Kimberly by Scotty Connell

100 Things to See in the Kimberly by Scotty Connell


100 Things To See In The Kimberley, by local guide Scotty Connell, is the culmination of a life spent exploring Australia’s wild and remote north west. Scotty grew up in the Kimberley and has made it his mission to thoroughly explore the region via air, land and sea. In that pursuit, Scotty’s led elite Nepalese Gurkhas on wild, wet season training missions, hiked through the Kimberley’s untamed ranges looking for unnamed waterfalls and hosted celebrities looking for unique Aussie experiences. All because he loves showing intrepid visitors why his backyard is the best backyard on earth. Inside you’ll find 100 of the best things to see and do all across the Kimberley – from stunning waterholes to cool off in, to incredible, natural wonders that are found nowhere else on earth.



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