Draught Skirt

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A draught skirt is attached to the bottom section of the camper trailer to reduce the draught that flows below the camper into the annexe or awning area.


2.2 Series (Weekender, Explorer, Brumby): 4600mm x 770mm

2.6 Series (Traveller, Explorer): 5050mm x 700mm

3.2 Series (Longreach): 5550mm x 750mm

Forward/Double Fold Series (Frontier, Drifter II): 4100mm x 720mm

*This product requires press studs to be fitted onto your camper. If your camper does not have these press studs fitted, please get in touch with your nearest Cub dealer.

**Dimensions are a guide only as these may vary depending on the year and model of your camper.

*Please note that canvas products are made to order. This item will take 6-8 weeks to produce.

*Only current Cub models are listed. If you have an older Cub model that is not listed above, please contact your nearest Cub dealer to find out how we can help you)