If you’ve been a Cub Camper for a while, chances are your camper trailer has endured wear and tear. At Cub Campers, we provide camper trailer spare parts to ensure your Cub is kept current and in tip-top condition.

Because camper trailers are metallic constructions, they have nuts and bolts in every nook and cranny. We have parts to assist with safety and maneuverability, such as LED tail lights (ideal for nighttime visibility!), seven-pinned towing plugs (including flat and round variants), and 250mm jockey wheels. These off-road wheels will stabilise your touring camper trailer and can withstand the toughest Australian conditions. We also have a lot of parts designed for the kitchen compartment. Use track wheels, lock-down catches, and spring-loaded barrels and bolts to keep your kitchen (or pantry) secure. Use stove pan support clips and a fridge box slide tray to better support and maneuver your kitchen gear.

Camping can be a long haul. If you’re needing to haul anything large, we also supply winches and winch straps. Unlike some models, our winch is designed to not make a sound. With our design, you can reel in your winch strap without disturbing your neighbours. When it comes to camper trailer spare parts, we pride ourselves on creating these win-win-winch scenarios. We love seeing happy campers all ‘round!

If you’re in need of some camper trailer spare parts (or just want to upgrade your Cub), check out the Spare Parts section of our Camper Trailer Supplies store. You might just find what you’re looking for!


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